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Central Granulators
18'' Series CMG Granulators are designed for heavy duty application for injection, blow molded, extrusion and general purpose.

Granulators are designed for heavy duty application for injection, blow molded, extrusion and for efficient size reduction of plastic and rubber, in various form.
The superior cutting power of the 18" and self-cooling rotors garantee precise cutting action. This plastic recycling series is mainly used for the reduction size of hard and hot plastics such as bulky injection and blow molded items, waste from thermoforming, extruded sheets, profiles and film.

Cutting chamber: 

A. 17 ¾ inch"
B. 28-42 inch" 

Models: 18x28 18x42 18x63


Why a CMG Granulator?

- Designed for efficient size reduction of plastic and rubber in various forms
- Large feed opening 
- Tilting hopper
- Anti-vibration mounts, eliminate special foundations 
- Low dust generation on all plastics and rubber 
- Robust construction, for long reliable operating life 
- Fully sound enclosed for low operating noise level 
- Complies with CE standards 



The superior cutting power of the 18" Series permit efficient size reduction of:

- Bulky injection and blow molded items
- Small purgings and collapsed parisons
- Rolls of skeletal waste from thermoforming machines
- Extruded sheets, profiles and film many feed and discharge options are available to meet each      customer requirements

- Advanced "Twin Shear" (18x42 and 18x63) or "Scissor" (18x28) cutting action, reduces energy    consumption, heat and dust generation
- "High shear" knives that maximizes the cutting force
- High inertia rotor and motor pulley, allow smooth cutting
- Extra flywheel (Optional) 
- Tilting hopper provides easy access for cleaning and reduces costly downtime


- Heavy duty cutting chamber of the 18" Series ensures reliable operation
- Standard knives are manufactured from AISI-D2 (K110) tool steel
- Outboard, double row bearings, ensure long operating life
- Heavy duty reversible screens that are housed in robust cradles


The 18" Series is equipped with:

- Intelocked safety micro switch
- Preventa relay monitoring
- Low voltage control push buttons 
- Self standing IP55 control cabinet 
- IP55 electrical motor.

The 18” series covers Three model sizes

Cutter house openings of 500×515 mm (18x28 inches), 500x1070 mm (18x42 inches), 700x1590 mm (18x63 inches) and different specifications. 

N18x42 Model
N18x42 Model

- Large pieces of scrap and sprues
- Large diameter tubes and profiles 
- Pieces of scrap which have already been reduced in size
- Fine granulation of sensitive documents such as checks
- Fine granulation of power cables
- Fine granulation of metal-free materials
- Sheets
- Film

N18x63 Model
N18x63 Model

- In-line

B18x42 Model
B18x42 Model

Small pieces of scrap and sprues
- Large pieces of scrap and sprues

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