CMG Granulatori




CMG offers a complete range of different Granulators and De-dusting systems, for the recycling of PET pre-forms.

The range includes Small & quite Granulators, Medium capacity Granulators up to large Granulators for special applications CMG machines are regarded as high quality and reliable machinery and equipment.

Small CMG Granulators for PET pre-forms

For those companies that need to recycle small to medium quantities of pre-forms P. CMG offers two rotor designs. 

Solid staggered rotor for small pharmaceutical-cosmetic pre-forms (motor power is concentrated into each single blades, allowing lower rotor’s RPM,

consequently les generation of heat, noise & dust) 

3 knives open rotor for conventional 0,5 -1-1,5-2 Litres pre-forms (entire blades guarantee higher material impact also generating an air flow that helps to keep PET material cool, specially for continuous 24h operation)

Each rotor has various blade width for different Granulator capacity or feeding methods: 

Rotor size ø170mm, series N17-xx, available with:

- three knives width 225mm, 300mm and 375mm, 

- 6 standard models, each width with solid and/or 3 knives open rotor 

- different motor power, either for energy saving or for powerful applications

Rotor size ø250mm, series S25-xx, available with: 

- two knives width 300mm and 450mm, 4 standard models, each with solid rotor

and/or 3knives open rotor 

- different motor power, either for energy saving or for powerful applications 

- this rotor size is also suitable to process PET blow moulded bottles

All models are suitable for manual, conveyor or automatic feeding. The robustness & high quality, allows for 24/7 operation.

Flexibility, is also a standard feature of these two Granulators series, as customer can choose and modify the Granulator, according to different need or new desires; all N17-xx & S25-xx series Granulator, can be easy modified by customer, even after month of operation, so to make them usable for different machines and purposes (all threads and support are already present into standard model)

It’s always possible to:

Add sound enclosure of cutting chamber 

Add flexible auger, for regrind discharge (3 auger models available) 

Add sack attachment to collect regrind into a bag 

Add big regrind bin, to increase bin capacity